As Featured in Great British Food

Zeina's Delights won Silver and Bronze Badges at the Sweet Biscuit category of 2023 Great British Food Awards.

We are thrilled to know that our products have impressed the judges and stood out among the competition.

Soft butter biscuits with almonds / Silver 

"Prepare to be enchanted by this extraordinary nutty biscuit, a true artisanal masterpiece crafted from pure butter without any additives, preservatives, or artificial flavourings. A symphony of flavours awaits as you experience the delightful crunch of carefully roasted almond chunks. Handcrafted with love, each piece is shaped into charming little moons and baked to a perfection. The dough is thoughtfully egg-free, with just a hint of added sugar, ensuring every bite is delicately sweet, irresistibly buttery, and astonishingly crunchy".
Judged by Great British Food Panel

Soft butter biscuits with dates and pistachio / Bronze 

"These soft butter biscuits with dates and pistachio are a visual delight, boasting an inviting blend of flavours. The fruit and nut combination is a match made in heaven, creating a delectable treat that's both satisfying and beautiful. A delightful indulgence for anyone with a penchant for different delightful biscuits".
Judged by Great British Food Panel



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