About us

Adornment, beauty and excellence mean one word in Arabic, Zeina, which is precisely how our desserts look and taste. We create aesthetically appealing delights of the highest and most natural ingredients that taste just as good as they appear. 

Everything is made from local and all-natural ingredients, nothing processed goes into our baked goods! They are free from soya oil, emulsifiers, artificial flavours, colouring agents and preservatives. We also ensure your indulgence comes with no excessive amounts of sugar! We’re basically obsessed with high quality ingredients, and believe they’re the key to an exceptional dessert experience. For example, our handmade chocolate chip cookies are made with organic free-range eggs, pure vanilla and a mix of top-quality Belgian chocolate and Valrhona chocolate chips.

Imagine if your grandma’s baked goods looked immaculate, this is pretty much who we are!

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 The Zeina's Delights Story

My baking journey began in Jordan in 2013 when I took my first entrepreneurial step by establishing Zeina’s Delights! After it proved to be a success, I decided to actively invest in my passion by pursuing a business degree, and undertaking a number of hands-on cooking courses in London. A few years on, after completing my MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I joined Le Cordon Bleu. Being part of a distinguished culinary school was challenging, but my ambition carried me through! I learned valuable and practical knowledge that helped shape my professionalism as a pastry chef.

At this point in my journey, I am thrilled to share the taste of passion, inspiration and skill in the shape of hand-crafted dessert creations!

Zeina xx
  • Exclusive use of only the
    finest all-natural ingredients

  • Never replicating desserts. Each creation is uniquely crafted by Chef Zeina.

  • Commitment to exceptional
    customer service
    . Our customer service runs as smooth as our pallet on ganache.